Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain and Rainbows (100 Word Song)

100 Word Song Challenge

Bobby Darin’s “I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today” brought to us this week by t~


Variegated colors ran down the side of a wall. Painted names slid into broken windows, across pillowed sheets with cushioned hearts  and aligned with a battle won. 

“We are part of historical changes” Chip shouted.

His lover drew him in and kissed slowly his no longer forbidden lips.
“Say you will marry me” Chip taunted.

“I will do better than that; I will marry you in every state that will allow us, and each time another joins in the freedom of love, I will marry you again.”

The two twirled around the street as rain landed softly on their skin.


  1. Perfect. Perfect, perfect, PERFECT!!!

    1. smiles

      It makes me very happy that you like it t~

  2. Great tribute to a long awaited judicial decision!

    I will say your first sentence is a tad cumbersome and wordy. Could use a bit of editing :)

    1. Thanks Carrie, for both the appreciation of the tribute, and for your concrit. I agree that the first sentence is VERY wordy, and needs to be rewritten. I may have time this afternoon to look at it again and see what I can do to make a better version of it.

      Thank you :-)

  3. How did I miss this?


    I love the last 3 lines. This was gorgeous. Leeroy misses you. Hope you liked soul to body

    1. Well thank you for the visit. :-)

      Tell Leeroy I miss him too. I've been working on writing, even though my pen rarely scratches the ether, lately.

      Soul to Body was, and is one of my favorites of yours. Now I can enjoy it when I want to, thank you!


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