Saturday, October 25, 2008


Someone woke me up today; their voice woke me to the potential of a life with choices. I was reminded of a purpose greater than the sum of my parts. Reminded that the subconscious programming that exists in the human race is the ultimate warrior and the battle is for our souls. I am a spirit of light and love, an angel with a mission that is beyond anyone who may or may not love me, beyond the external “trophy” syndrome that is a prerequisite for the superficial unity of two people and I have no one to blame but the liar inside me.  

Liar you say? Yes, liar… when subconscious programming determines whether I do or do not move in a particular direction rather than the voice of my heart, I am a liar, first to myself and then to the world I am a part of. Am I but one person? It would be so simple to believe that is truth, but in fact it is not. We are a culmination of energy that exists and subsists as a whole. It is my responsibility to be faithful to myself, to my values and my Goddess.  

This life is a gift, one that I have taken for granted a time or three. Today I was reminded that the choices are mine, and that I HAVE A CHOICE.  I am an angel, not your angel, but an angel of the Goddess that creates all things. I chose this life, and it is up to me to make it whatever I want it to be. By accepting less than what I believe is possible, I have cheated myself and those around me.  Today I feel invigorated, chastised, loved by the words of a stranger.  

Contrast is a key to experiencing life to its fullest measure.  With each sorrow, joy is right beside it. With each tear, a smile resides. It is in the choices made that we gain ground either for… or against the Goddess of life… of light.  

He spoke to me of blueprints, of fingerprints, of Tibetan monks and human vampires. He told me tales with lessons to unfold the fabric of my spirit. He reminded me that the choices we have are gifts and responsibilities. May his life be blessed with equal measures of the lessons learned, taught and cherished as he continues to speak, for I know he will continue to speak, it is his blessing/curse to do so.  

This life is what we make of it. The stage is the one we build with our thoughts and deeds. The actors and participants are those we chose to interact with. Just as we cannot know darkness without seeing the light, we cannot know “heaven” without traversing through “hell”. Choices… it all comes down to the choices we make. 

The words are somewhat scrambled… fast and furious inside my head, but I am a willing student and will continue to seek out the truth inside me.  Today I will cast aside the pre-programmed bullshit that exists and concentrate on the blueprints of my life from the perspective of my heart. I will listen to the voice inside me that KNOWS what is right and what is not.  Cast out the vampires that suck the life from me and learn to regenerate my own life force from within. Today I am an angel… an angel of light on a path that was destined to be mine from the beginning.  

Blessed be…

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“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there.”

- Richard Bach

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