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Just Shy of MIschief (Inspiration Monday)

Inspiration Monday Challenge

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And last, but not least, the prompts:

I decided to use them all, in my first ever Inspiration Monday tale.

Just Shy of Mischief 

My friend Alexander, yelled from his upstairs window "let's play drop," as he tossed the basketball out of his window in my direction. With deft hands I moved the ball into a dribble, across the street, and into the hoop. 

Alex was a fun friend, we did all kinds of things when we got together and he was really good at standing on the edge of mischief without getting us in trouble, most of the time. This game of "drop" was kind of like parkour without having to climb walls and scale buildings, the basketball did it for us. We usually started by warming up at the courts and then we would head downtown. 

As we were walking through the unusually quiet streets, we came upon a man who had one of those little carts we would see set up with chili dogs or something, but this man did not have chili dogs, he had cotton candy, licorice, and little hard candies on his cart. He stopped us to talk as we were going by him, and I nudged Alex in the ribs. He knew we were not supposed to talk to strangers and especially downtown. We were not even supposed to be downtown. 

"It's starting to rain, do you two want to take some candy with you?" the Candy Man asked.

"No, we don't have any money," Alex said.

I could see these little round balls that looked like some kind of monster eyeball. "What are these?" I asked and pointed at the same time.

"Those are eye drops, made of sugar" he said. 

"They look so real," Alex added.

"It is a very old recipe that has been in our family for hundreds of years," the candy man said. He caught Alex's eyes and smiled. "They're magic eye drops. If you eat just one it will show you a path that you cannot find without it."

Alex could not take his eyes off of the Candy Man. I bumped his arm and he just kept staring. 

There was a silent conversation taking place that had me on pins and knitting needles. I knew I was not supposed to accept candy from a grownup, but I really wanted to taste a new kind of magic, so I slid the little eye drop into my mouth and smiled. 

"Thanks mister, we've got to go now," I said and pulled on Alex. "Let's go Alex."

Alex popped one of the candy eye drops in his mouth and we started walking away. The rain started to come down faster and faster, until it was soaking us. The clouds got dark, and blocked out the sun. It was too early for the street lights to come on, but I was wishing that they would. 

When we finally got back to our street, the rain had stopped, but we were soaking wet. We wondered if the crazy shift in weather had anything to do with the Candy Man's magick eye drops, but we would never be sure. We were both glad to be home. 

"Catch up with you again tomorrow ?" Alex asked as he headed into his apartment building.

"I'll be here." I said as I shot the basketball through the hoop once more, and back to Alex. 

We always had interesting adventures together, just shy of mischief.


  1. Such an enjoyable read! With a perfect interweaving of the prompts, and an ending that had me ear-to ear grinning =]

    1. If it made you smile, it has served a purpose. :-)

      Thank you t :-)

  2. A fun little tale. Well done. :-D

  3. "Just shy of mischief" sounds like a fun place to be...although perhaps a bit risky too! Good write!

    1. There's nothing quite like the adventure of seeing the world through the eyes of youth. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. :-)

      I love the name btw.

  4. Found this very light hearted but well done. Getting into mischief without getting into trouble - that takes real talent.

    1. Thanks Princess, both for taking the time to read it, and then to comment. I have been experimenting with things that a just outside of my comfort zone, so that feedback is really helpful.

  5. But what if the candy affects them later, and this was the last memory they have of a normal life???

    Ah, but just shy of mischief - I like that idea, of all the things they were not supposed to be doing, that ultimately didn't get them in any trouble. That's how it happens sometimes. Nice little slice of life.

    Welcome to InMon!

    1. That could have happened, that's why they are not supposed to take candy from strangers. ;-)

      Thank you Stephanie for the welcome.



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