Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faces and Places

Thinks... I should have taken pictures today, so you could see it too. Too tired now to do justice, she meanders through words with sleepy mind
The building was unfamiliar with its twisted red sculpture, prominently greeting visitors. The large glass doors were modern in comparison to the rest of the buildings, it felt new. New energy, new ideas, new faces to welcome new people. A large, open court lined with tables and chairs meant for adult bodies, filled the space below the stairs. The entrance was the second floor, we would have to go downstairs to where our gathering was to be held.
There were only a few people present when we arrived. It would be another 30 minutes before anyone else had to be here; long enough to take in this new place amidst old buildings. Things were changing here, expanding to accommodate a larger group of people. The tall pines stretched toward a too-close sky, just beyond the windowed wall. Someone had thought about this building before they put it all together, and it showed.
My eyes kept drifting to the window as people spoke about policy and procedure. I listened, as I  thought about the many lives that would be changed as they moved through this building of new, through the many of old, while they collected information that would inevitably change their lives. If history could speak, it was talking to me today. From the future, about the past… in a building of new.

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