Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J ~ Joe


Did you ever ask the sun just why

you look too long he'll make you cry?

Or when the rain falls on the ground

it makes a pitter-patter sound?

Or how about a waterfall

does water really fall at all?

And why do stars just shine at night

and how do bugs get filled with light?

So many things I want to know

can you tell me uncle Joe?

I cannot catch the rainbows tail

even when I run I fail.

"Hold on now feller, sit down here"

Then Uncle Joe tugged on my ear.

"When I was just a lil' toad

I walked a long and dusty road

out back of old man Withers place"

I watched the lines scrunch on his face

it didn't matter what he'd say

I'd listen to him anyway

Ya see he's just my Uncle Joe

the greatest man you'll ever know

I like to listen to him talk

and stand beside him as we walk

it doesn't matter where we go

I just like... my Uncle Joe.

(c) k~

This post is part of the
A-Z Challenge 2012.


  1. I really liked this one!!


  2. Uncle Joe sounds great! Nice post.

  3. Replies
    1. You have a great heart Sandra :-) Thanks for reading along.

  4. I just like your Uncle Joe, too! ♥

    1. hehehhe... That was a connection I had not made yet Jo, how ironic is that? Thank you.


  5. That was wonderful!! You're lucky to have such a special guy as Uncle Joe!

    I'm a new follower (NetworkedBlogs) via the A to Z. It's nice to meet you!

    1. Nice to meet you Nancy, and thank you for following! Now I am on my way over to your blog to see what words unfold there:-)

  6. feeling the love.... you must feel.

    1. :-) You have such a tender heart m'Friend.

  7. Faces make people interesting don't they. The more expressive, lined, and experiences, the more I want to talk to them.

    Great job with sensory words. I read it 3 times.

    1. They are derived from the years behind them. When we were young, my father used to tell us, "If you keep making that face it will stick," and we just thought he was joking around (and maybe he was), but the reality of it all is that we do wear the lines of the faces we have made later in life.

      Thank you for the grand compliment Lance, 3 times means there was something you wanted to see in it.

  8. Uncle Joe is the flow of this poem!

    1. He is definitely a wonderful Uncle :-) Thank you Linda.

  9. Uncle Joe sounds like one pretty cool uncle!!

    Cheers, Jenn


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