Monday, March 11, 2013

Old Ms. Henry (100 Word Song)

Lance at the 100 Word Song Challenge asks you to write 100 words (no more, no less) in whatever genre, or fashion you are inspired to write in, using the song of the week to get you there. 
This week's 100 Word Song challenge inspiration is from The Band Perry's "Better Dig Two"

Heh, here's my 100.

Old Ms. Henry~

Old Ms Henry's a little bit mad
She can't help it, she's been sad
Old Man Henry was steppin' out
with little Miss something in her own town.

She warned him once,
she warned him twice,
but Old Ms. Henry
just couldn't do thrice.
A fryin' pan upside the head
and Old Man Henry, he's cold dead.

He brought it on himself
there' only so much
only so much
only so much

Old Ms. Henry's a little bit mad
She can't help it, she's been sad
Little Miss something's watching her back
Yeah, Old Ms. Henry's a little bit mad.

Love this song by The Band Perry... "Better Dig Two" (and what about that dress?) ;-)

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  1. This is great. Death by a frying pan. Very well written!!!

  2. As you once said, fan-damn-tastic!

    1. Oh I love it, between the two of us we will have a whole new dictionary :-)

  3. Well! That taught him a thing. No time for two, he went down too quick. Nice poesy!

    1. :-) She packs a wallop with that fryin' pan!


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