Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Surface of All Things (Scriptic)

I participated in the Scriptic prompt exchange again this week, and another challenge to write a Quatern poem. The Quatern poem has 4 quatrains, each with eight syllables per line. The prompt is included in the refrain, which is to be put as the first line in the first stanza, the second in the second stanza, the third in the third stanza, and last in the final stanza. It is my first time working with this structure, and it was indeed a bit of a challenge. Here is the combined effort:

The surface of all things is love
A catch phrase, an amount of praise
a circle, never-ending light
A kiss, a touch, a warm goodnight

When whispers calm a fragile soul
The surface of all things is love
A hand that washes away fears
Sometimes a cup that catches tears

Compassion finds a another face
to offer up a warm embrace
The surface of all things is love
No matter what you’re thinking of.

Soft kisses that in no way lie
a phone call from a missed ally
Heaven’s angels sent from above
The surface of all things is love.

Scriptic Prompt Exchange 

For the prompt exchange this week, kgwaite at gave me this prompt: The surface of all things.

I gave SAM at this prompt: A woman in a dress is standing next to the edge of the pier on an overcast day. Why is she there?


  1. This is really really beautiful. Thanks so much for doing such justice to this prompt. A great read before I sign off the internet for the day.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond Kelly :-)

  2. Perfect in tone, and as a reflection of the writer. Most definitely suitable for framing, k~!

    1. t~ you make me blush, and smile so often. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond, it matters to me.


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