Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brewery Lunch

Went to a small brewery today for lunch with my Mom and my Brother. The energy in the air was positively vibrating. All senses were engaged in the surroundings as we conversed. The level of sound was high enough, that even with a strong voice, it was doubtful that anyone outside of our table could hear our conversation. Not that it would have mattered any way, we were having fun.
It was my first time inside the building, and now I will have wonderful memories every time I enter, based on the feeling of this first visit. Memories are funny like that, when we pull them out to savor them beyond the first time, we alter them, sometimes insignificantly, other times dramatically. The bottom line is that they are still our memories! Like tiny boxes of wonderful, we can open them at will and relive the moment once more whenever we choose.


  1. sounds comforting.... K. FYI: i now get your blogs on my dashboard, so opening your site up worked... thanks. D.

  2. Yay, thank you for letting me know :-)


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“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there.”

- Richard Bach

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