Friday, December 23, 2011

Contemplating Shero Powers

Brenda Moguez caught my attention with a question she asked "What was your defining moment (discovery of shero powers)?"

The question implies that there might be only one discovery, yet as I consider the moments that have defined my "shero powers" it is difficult to settle on just one. Any woman who has given birth has a set of shero powers that she acquires as the fetus is developing, and again during the birthing process, is that enough? Perhaps it could be the ability to find a valid purpose for every dialectic exposure life has offered, is that too much? I want to answer her question! 

There is a need inside me, to find one, unequivocal response to Brenda's question, yet reconciling with a solitary answer is a cagey process. It is possible that no matter what my answer might be, there will always be another, one that is more worthy of taking credit for the paradigm shifts that have created the character that inhabits my body. 

"Settle on one and write about that!" she screams from my left.

"Which one?" I ask rhetorically.
"Does it really matter?" she asks, as though it is the least of her concerns.

Under my breath I answer her, "yes, for some reason it does." 

Maybe the process of consideration is more important than actually figuring out where my shero powers have come from. After all, I can leap short coffee tables in a single bound (if I am chasing the cats), I am more powerful than a slow commotion, and I am able to fly off the handle at will…super powers indeed, but I'm sure that's not what this is all about. It is those moments when the situation that threatens to steal common sense out from under someone is defied, and they come out the other side with a bit more skill, instead of a lump on their internal cranium, that make a difference. The moments in which a person goes beyond their own ability to achieve something that changes the way they perceive themselves. Yes! That's what this is about. 

"Have you come up with something yet?" she asks.

"Yeah, I've decided this is a really good question, that is not going to be answered after having thought about it for a few hours. It may take days, or weeks to really flesh out the response." 

She shakes her head at me "What the hell is so important about THIS question?"

"I don't know, when I figure it out, I'll write it down and you can read it for yourself."

"Whatever!" she says as she leaves the room. 

Wow, now that it's quiet in here again, maybe I can think about this more clearly.

Maybe you can help me think this through!


  1. I love the inner dialog between you and you! Perfect. I am also tickled pink you took up the gauntlet to write about it. Your selves are current, there is always more than one moment in our lives we think is THE MOMENT but later we're unsure. I have had a few such discussions as you have above, but none quite compare to that first year in the UK. I confess to wondering if there is a tipping point (like year one in the UK) and followed by many other such moments, each building on our shero powers. What do you think? So please to have found your blog, too. Always a mystery to me this virtual world.

  2. Thank you Brenda for making the journey over to this side of the cyber pond!

    You did three huge transitions in one fell swoop, that multiplies the effect, and the memories created for that period of time... chances are it WAS that ONE big one (for now) that could not be ignored, nor minimized. I think the shero powers continue to grow, and express the strengths after the moments that they were birthed in have passed. Sometimes it is not until years later, when a review of some such circumstance is considered, that we find we have been gifted yet another shero power. I like the term, and what it signifies to me, and others (from what I could see on your blog responses), a gift born of chaos, or trials... what a wonderful way to eek out the beautiful nature of dialectic existence!

    I'm glad to have found your blog too... it inspired me :-)

  3. k. i like this. it is something you must think about before writing about it. definitely. great post. d.

  4. Thank you d~, it was indeed a deep topic to consider... and consider it I have been doing!


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