Tuesday, December 27, 2011

15 Minute Free Write (GBE2-WK32)

The challenge set forth by our blogging group this week was a 15 minute free writing exercise. Free writing is something I do often, but never share, so bare with the tethered thoughts, and possibly mistyped words, or incorrect sentence structures... they are usually never witnessed by the public eye (at least not intentionally ;-)

The wind is blowing recklessly beyond the glass gate. I can hear it while I type out the words of random thought that become who I am before I speak. While I really enjoy free-writing, the idea of writing and just putting it out there without editing my own thoughts is extremely anxiety producing. Perhaps I won't post it, just leave it here on the desktop to remind me how much tension it produced. When I write to express my thoughts like this, it is for no audience but myself. My understanding of free writing is that it is to allow you to freely write, something I am not comfortable doing when it is required to be posted.
Perhaps I could write it for myself… write about the wind and the way it sings while it is whipping through the trees. I think we might be ready for winter now. At least that's what Mother Nature is indicating. It's cold out, but we have not had snow fall yet. Okay, once, but it was only a skittering of snow that landed, and it was gone within hours. After all it's just dry, cold, rain, that made it all the way through the atmosphere to land in our yards, and streets. It hardly stands a chance against the sun.
What if the sun, wind, rain, and snow played rock, scissors, paper? Who might win? I think about the Batman movie where Mr. Freeze said "everything freezes" and wonder if he's right. Would the snow beat out the sun in a game of rock, paper, scissors?
I used to play that game to see who would have to do something we did not want to do, when we were all just knee high hoppers. It was kind of fun… I would watch everyone's eyes to see what they were going to do.
Sometimes you can tell what people are going to do by the look in their eyes. Many times it is more than just the eyes that give them away though, it's the way they stand, hold their hands, their head, their body overall. People talk loudly even when they are not speaking. You can hear their voices in the language of their bodies.
I must type fast, or think fast, or both, no timer yet… my paper is growing, okay not the paper, but the words on it, and still I have said nothing to you.
Who are you? Do you read and wonder what is going on in someone else's mind? I do… I wonder what their lives have gifted them to move the pen across the paper… or in this case the fingers across the keyboard. What kind of experiences do they have, that have shaped and molded the character they have become.
Characters are fun to watch. My favorite place for watching people is at Barnes and Noble. They will read and talk like they are in bubbles that the rest of the world cannot see into. It gives me wonderful background for personal tics! Once there was a man who was reading a paper book (I have to make that clear now) and each page he turned, he would run his finger and thumb over the edge of his baseball cap first… it was a hoot… and very unique, I love that part of human nature.
I wonder what people see when they watch me? Do they watch me? Are they writing too? Would you watch people while you were out? I think we all do to some degree. We watch people with different reasons behind our watching habits though… some watch so they can judge others… some watch because they are genuinely interested in whatever that person was doing. Others… watch because they are bored, or longing to be a part of the scene they are not participating in.
People fascinate me! I want to know what they think about things, and how they came to understand things the way in which they do. I like to know the heart of people, and move past all the personality glitches that we carry to the soul. It is a wonderful journey, and an absolutely splendid foundation for living.
The cats are winding through my chair at my feet, it makes it hard to focus, and with only a couple of minutes left, you would think they could just be patient. Hah! We are talking about MY cat right? LOL, he's a ball of fire that lil guy, loves me to the moon and back, but he will bite a stranger in a heartbeat. The other one is a quiet shadow walker.
Times up!


  1. LOvely stream of thoughts and I'm so glad you posted. I'm a fascinated people watcher as well. You should do this more often, the excercise suits you.

  2. hi k.,
    i enjoyed your thoughts... and like kelly said, i am glad you posted... like you.. people fascinate me, also... they are such interesting creatures... next time i am at barnes and nobles.. i am watching... never thought about it before.. now.. thanks for the idea...

  3. Thank you both for the insightful view from the outside looking in. It's nice to know there are fellow people watchers amongst us (waggles her eyebrows and grinZ).

    d~ How I wish we could go do that together!

  4. I admire the flow of your thoughts. Great job and fun to read. Wow....

  5. Enjoyed taking a peek on your thoughts :D Well done :D

  6. What I wonder is how others process their thoughts and how they think, reconcile their lives with those around them, with the world, make peace. I liked who you weaved us into your mind as if we were sitting along the walls waiting.

  7. Laura - Thank you for enjoying it, it's a little bit intimidating to share the free flow :-)

    Feathered Pen - Thank you!

    Brenda - The way people's minds work is a long-term fascination for me, I too enjoy seeing how people think, this is like a glimpse into that world. I think picturing my fellow bloggers while I was writing was the hard part. In order for me to "free write" and include you was intimidating, and ultimately rewarding. Thank you for reading and giving me some feedback!

  8. I love to people watch too. I've even created interesting characters from what I've seen walking down the street.


  9. --The more we "People Watch"... the better writers we become.
    I'd be watching you...wondering what you were thinking...wondering if you were watching me!!
    Xx Great post.

  10. People really are fascinating! I watch them all the time and make up little stories in my head about them. Funny that I never considered that while I'm watching the lady scan items in the grocery store, the person behind me in line just might be creating a tale about me. Huh.

  11. myinnerchick - I think you're absolutely write... er em.. I mean right! There is a plethora of interesting and REAL characters that are right in front of us everyday.

    :-) Thanks for the response!

    Claudia :-) My mind runs like that often... (looks from one side to the other, then whispers) I just don't usually share it ;-)

    Word Nerd... hehehhe... You will the next time you are in line! That makes me think, it might be fun to turn around and see what's behind me in the line at the store more often ;-) Thank you for posting!

  12. 1. Excellent work!
    2. Damn, how many WPM do you type? :)

  13. Thank you :-) I type pretty fast, but I have not taken a test in a lonnnnng time!

  14. when we rode the school bus we played a version of RPS that involved pain. I remember arriving home with welt marks on my arm. I haven't thought about that in years. I learned a lot about tells....
    Enjoy your people watching.
    Great entry

  15. Thank you for stopping by here Frizzy!

    I usually watched the people that were participating in the pinch fests, or other types of pain involved games on the bus... but I was the one watching, you were much braver than I... I would always stay a bit of a distance back ;-)

  16. awesome write..and now want to hear more about your lil ball of fire cat! :0)

  17. ;-) That's an easy one, he keeps me entertained daily! One lil danger kitty coming up!


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