Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Danger Kitty PI - Thermo Maintenance

Danger Kitty PI
It was a cool morning, not unlike most mornings in the northwest during fall. What might have been a typical maintenance call, became an experience in the art of listening for one furnace repair man.
He'd been warned. The moment he walked through the door and laid eyes on Danger Kitty PI, he thought he'd found a friend. The sweet eyes, the come hither looks, we'd seen this kind of exchange between human and (this) cat before. 

Danger Kitty looked harmless, that's why she informed them otherwise. There was no easy way to tell whether or not he would attack or purr. She knew her cat, and the one thing she knew about him was that he did NOT like to be touched by strangers. What was it about he-men types that would push the envelope even after they'd been cautioned? She knew it was a waste of time but she warned him any way.

"He's a friendly looking cat, and will be, as long as you don't try to pet him." Her words were monotone, like a recording you might hear at the doctor's office before they are open. It didn't matter that she'd notified him, he was that type that was bound to demonstrate he could get through to this cat, and she knew it. She might as well quit caring, Danger Kitty PI would defend himself, and the unsuspecting soul he laid his paws on would figure it out on their own… right?
"Oh, I get along with animals really well." his smile indicated what she already knew, he was going to TRY and pet the cat.

"Well, you should know that he will bite you, and scratch you if you get too close." She knew it was only a challenge now, he was the type that would prove her wrong. He was the type that knew, that no matter what she said about this cat, he was going to have his petting moment. Why would she feel sorry for him, it was his own fault for not taking heed to her tip. 

She barely turned the corner from where he was standing when she heard his muffled "Son of a …"  Yep, he did it… she knew he would. She was shaking her head with a bandage in her hand. 

"Do you need one, or two?"  she asked. 

He was rubbing his hand on his jeans "I don't think…" he rubbed again and the pool of surface blood started to drip. "Yeah, maybe I better get a couple on here, so I don't get blood on your carpet."
"Good plan" she said while wrapping his mangled hand in a paper towel to dry off the blood, then quickly she wrapped up the remaining scratch fest marks with gauze and wrapped a bit of tape around the palm. 

"It was a bit more than a band-aid would hold, can you move okay with this?" she asked, knowing already that he could, but it was his chance to be tough for her… they liked to do that, be tough and pretend it didn't hurt. "Yeah that's great", then the really brave (or stupid) ones would look over at Danger Kitty PI again, and say something that indicated they were bound to do it again. She knew what would happen, but got tired of telling them. "Let him figure it out for himself shall we?" she would coo at her little angel Danger Kitty. "They just don't know any better."


  1. how cute, and clever... you story teller, you.... :D

  2. Hilarious. Great read and reminded of a wonderful cat who passed over the bridge many years ago. He belonged to a friend of mine. His name was ...well, you know, I can't remember his real name. Most of us called him Satan.

  3. Dad always thought he was faster than his cat, but he kept testing his luck til he lost. Silly men.
    Loved your post. -Kelly

  4. My hubby and son are allergic to cats. Lucky them.

  5. Loved the story and so agree with you.

  6. I had one of those adorable killer cats years ago. Everyone thought 'they' were fine with him. He would sit under our sofa and swipe at people's ankles as they walked by. He wasn't playing, he was hunting, but men just don't get that! It humored me just a little bit.

  7. d~ I have a really active character that encourages me!!

    Maria - Thank you heheheh... "Satan" huh, my friends call this one Cujo ;-)

    Gene Pool Diva - I think it is men mostly, don't you?

    Word Nerd - hehehehe... yes, indeed they are lucky!

    Jeanne - Thank you for enjoying it with me!

    Jo - hahahah, under the sofa? That means he was a sneaky killer kitty!! I can understand the humour part, it would make me laugh too!!

    You guys are all great, thank you for the encouraging words.

  8. I have one of those cats in my house right now. We call her Lil' Lulu..... There's a reason for that name. You guess... LOL

    I love this story! I have the same problem when I walk my dogs. I warn people that my little 7 pound sweetie has a nickname - "Predator". I dunno why no one believes me... They are forewarned at the point that they bend over to say "Hi Sweetie"....

  9. heheh I love the nickname "Predator"... that's precious! Darlene, I think people just make themselves exempt from thinking that an animal would... or could POSSIBLY not be their best friend at first sight. I don't know what it is, but it really seems like they go out of their way to prove that it does not apply to them.

    What kind of dog is your 7lb "Predator"?


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