Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Piqued - Write on Wednesdays


His eyebrow raised, only on the left, it was part of his facial features she loved. Whenever he his curiosity was piqued, his face would  transform into a map of highway lines that stretched over the ridge of his uplifted left eyebrow. If he was trying to conceal his intrigue, it wasn't working, even his secretary could tell that something was distracting him. 

"Mr. Barnes, is everything okay?" His face remained in the same position as he nodded a yes, dismissing her all at once. 

She had only flashed the picture once, and it looked like him, only the picture was taken at least 30 years before he was born. Where did she get that picture? He had to know.

This is my first time writing with the group Write on Wednesdays (WoW). I like the challenge of writing for only 5 minutes using the prompt given. This week the word was piqued, which can mean either something that puts a person in a bad mood, or incites curiosity. It is an interesting word in that way. It proved to get a story rolling through my head!


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