Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Somethings

It occurred to me that this break I have been working my way through is just about over, and I will return to some type of schedule that is semi-out-of-my-control again in just a couple of days. Part of what I have been doing with my time, is revisiting some of the writing (and there is an abundance) that was started, but never finished. Lines that just breathed their own way right onto my paper, but never let me know where they were going from there, have been trapped: first in drawers, then boxes, then file cabinets, then in portable media devices.

Some of them make me smile, and instigate the keyboard interaction, others leave me pondering what the heck I was thinking when I wrote it down in the first place (and back into the unfinished box it goes).  Here's a poem I wrote in 1999... well okay, I started it... I finished it tonight :-) It's a style that I don't usually write with any more, so finishing it was not as easy as it might seem... but here it is, warts and all.


in the northern hemisphere
a remarkable
became reality.
One of those
that you just keep reaching for
because you know
that if you stop...

Don't stop!

Stopped on the way home
for a gallon of milk,
and a loaf of bread
Age stepped before me
in a line of sleepwalkers
feeding a reality
they do not understand
any more than I.

Peace stretched upon his face
over taut sinew
sparsely covered in
translucent veil
teeth worn
from years of use
...worn comfort.

his rich voice
treasures of tone
and silent

"Walk with age
in graceful strides
this is the dance...
they call it life."



  1. I love that last line! It is poignant from the point of view of an older person (me). Lovely.


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- Richard Bach

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