Thursday, August 9, 2012

Becoming (Scriptic)

Image from Morgufiles

Marty sat cross legged on the grass, just a few feet away from Sherrie, a girl he'd had a crush on since they sat next to each other in Mrs. Simpson's 2nd grade class. Marty liked the way her long, blonde hair looked when she took the time to curl it, and the way she tucked it behind her ears when she was going to talk.

"Next year, we will be in Jr. High Marty," Sherrie said.

"I know, it''s crazy," Marty replied.

"Do you think we'll know each other when we are in High School?" she asked.

"Heck yeah, we'll know each other forever," Marty said as he plucked a blade of grass to chew on.

"Ew, that's gross Marty. People walk on the grass, bugs pee on it, and birds poop on it all the time," Sherrie said as she twisted her face up.

Marty dropped the grass on the ground. "I never thought about that before," he said as he took a big swig of his root beer. "Hold still, you have a bug in your hair."

"No! Get it off of me Marty," Sherrie said as she stood up and started to spaz out.

"My dad said that…"

"I don't care what your dad said, get -- it -- off -- of -- me -- now!"

Marty tried hard not to laugh, but she was wiggling around like a fish out of water. He held her arm, so he could keep part of her still, and plucked the tiny beetle out of her hair. 

"See, it's only a little beetle," he said as he put his hand up close enough for her to see it.

"Thank you," she said, " I hate bugs, I don't care how small they are."

"So I noticed," Marty said, then he leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't a dramatic kiss, just a tiny kiss on the lips; it was a first for both of them.

"Why did you do that?" Sherrie asked.

"Uhm, well, you know the thing that you really know? That you never ever know. I had to find out." Marty said.

"Oh, okay," Sherrie said as she pushed her hair behind her ear. "Are you going to do it again?"

For the prompt exchange this week, Michael at gave me this prompt: ​"My dad's thing was, You know the thing you really know? That you never ever know." -Randy Jackson

I gave dailyshorts at this prompt: that moment between faith and fear time stamped a mark in permanent ink. But instead of writing about that prompt she wrote about another one. Ah, the best laid plans of... well, Scriptic.

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  1. The last line, genius!

    1. Thank you t~. This was a really hard prompt for me... so I am really glad the story came together, and that you liked it.

  2. Cute. So sweet and innocent. ......

    1. I was in the mood for light warmheartedness :-)Thanks for taking a peek!

  3. I quite like how you keep your creative juices nimble. This is indeed a sweet and warmhearted read. I am sorry for being remiss of late. I am trying hard to finish the 2nd novel's draft by the month end.

    1. Not to worry Brenda, I understand how life can take precedence over other things :-) Thank you for taking the time to check this out.


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