Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garden Party (Scriptic)

A potpourri of scents filled the room as Shondra finished the vegetable platters for an afternoon garden party. Thirty people would be attending, and she wanted to be sure that everything was ready before the first person arrived. Her meticulous nature usually ensured a successful party. She tucked the veggies in the fridge and moved on to her next project, chocolate covered strawberries. The double boiler was hot and ready for the small squares. Slowly she added the pieces until the last of them became part of a rich blend that she would begin dipping the strawberries in. 

Her husband, Marley, was a tall, black man, with deep brown eyes. He danced his way through the hall and into the kitchen. His strong arms wrapped around Shondra’s waist and pulled her away from the counter, and her strawberries. 

“Honey, I only have a couple of hours before the party starts. I have to get these strawberries done,” she said.

“These strawberries?” he teased, as he picked one up and dipped it into the melted chocolate.

“Marley, those are for the guests!”

“Not this one, this one is for you,” he said as he spun her around the dining room floor. 

Marley twirled her around a couple of times, and then he slid the dipped strawberry across her full lips. “I know how you like your chocolate,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Mmmmmm” she hummed as the flavor covered her tongue.

Before she could even finish the bite, Marley started kissing her with slow nibbles across her neck, and back to her lips, until she was lost in his touch. Agile fingertips skimmed over her smooth shoulders, pushing her shirt onto the floor, and her back up against the wall as he kissed her deeply. 

Marley sailed a warm whisper over her ear “What is your favorite kind of dark chocolate baby?” 

“You are” she managed to eek out.

Marley smiled as he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom “That’s right, and some things, like dark chocolate, can’t wait.”


For the prompt exchange this week, kgwaite at gave me this prompt: Some things, like dark chocolate, can't wait.

I gave Barb Black at this prompt: The letter held something important, something that made moving difficult.


  1. oh no! what will happen to her strawberries??!! :-O

    I like that husband, except that he gets in the way of work. ;-)

  2. Great dialogue - Nice response to the prompt!

    1. Thanks Kelly, I appreciate it. My words have been a bit on the stuck side lately. Even this was pushed past the gate without my approval :-)

  3. Replies
    1. It's a wonderful thing to see that you do:-)

  4. Very visual and sexy. Loved it!

  5. That's glorious! I loved the building eroticism, and I felt no sadness whatsoever for the burning chocolate that Shondra was leaving behind.

  6. ;-) I can imagine the strawberries will be wonderful, without chocolate.

  7. Love the details throughout and the sensory words make me use all five senses reading this, several times.

    One of your finest pieces.

    1. Thank you Lance, that is a wonderful compliment to hear from you.


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