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Dinner For Two (Scriptic)

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Cinder really enjoyed keeping score in her relationship with Chad. She would do so much for him that he could not possibly want for anything, but it was never without a price. Chad enjoyed the finest wine, tailored suits, and he had a beautiful silver Jaguar to drive whenever he wanted to. He didn’t have to work, but he liked the attention he garnered when he got off the elevator in shiny, sharkskin pants and matching jacket, and Cinder knew it. 

Cinder would shop for the best deals, even though they had plenty of money. It made Chad happy when she could forget that she was a billionaire’s daughter, and just live life with him like a “normal” person. Cinder went along with his idea of “normal” until she became sick. 

The attentive care that she gave to Chad she wanted in return. She had spent so much time spoiling him with everything he wanted that he did not know how to do it for anyone else, or maybe he just didn’t care. While she was going through chemotherapy she had days that she would be tethered to the bed, and bathroom of their master bedroom, so exhausted that it was difficult to move from one place to the next. Chad would go shopping on his way home from work and just drop the bag on the bed before he went back into the living room to watch the latest football match. Cinder was hurt and furious. 

Several weeks of this kind of treatment from Chad was more than Cinder could bear. When she was able to get up again, she was hell bent on revenge. She decided to fix Chad a romantic dinner to thank him for taking care of things the way he did while she was sick. He came home to candles on the table, and soft music playing in the background. Oblivious to the subtle indicators he set his things on the table opposite the bottle of wine.

“There’s a game on tonight Cin” he said.  

“I thought we could have an intimate dinner before the game,” she said from the other room.

“Yeah, alright,” he said while he crossed the room and reached for the remote.

“Are you coming to the table Chad?” 

“Yeah, sure Cin, I’m coming,” he said as he reluctantly put the remote back on the living room table and meandered into the dining room.

Cinder came around the corner wearing a bright red gown that swooped low in the front and hugged her hips while leaving the back free until the curve of her ass met the fabric again.  Red was Chad’s favorite colour on her. Her hair was pulled up in a hot messy sweep with errant strands brushing the side of her face and neck.

“Wow, you look really good Cin,” Chad said.

“Thank you. Now sit down so we can eat before the game starts.”

Cinder carried out two plates with metal covers on the top to keep them hot; she set one down at her place, and the other at Chad’s. Chad’s eyes were as hungry for Cinder as they were for the game he seemed to have forgotten. 

Cinder poured each of them a glass of wine and sat down to eat.

When the meal was finished Chad pointed to the TV and asked “You gonna watch the game with me?”
“Sure, give me just a minute or two to clean this mess up.”

To anyone looking in at the situation, Cinder was calm, and Chad was relaxing into the sofa as he slipped his shoes off, but underneath the calm exterior was a woman scorned. Chad had betrayed her and she intended on making him pay. She put the dishes in the kitchen, and fixed a brownie sundae for his dessert.
“Here you go Chad,” Cinder said as she handed him dessert.

Chad licked the whipped cream top and wrapped his arm around Cinder as she joined him on the couch. He ate the first bite of the brownie with a groan of contentment. By the time he had finished his dessert the peanut oil she used to make the brownies had started to react. First he started to itch; then his skin became pale and he started wheezing. Cinder watched as he started becoming weak and confused. She smiled and put her finger on his lips. 

“Shhhh, darling, the game is about to start.” 

Chad’s eyes opened wide. His words were strangled in his throat. Just before he went unconscious Cinder kissed him. “I know it’s hard to know how to thank me for all that I’ve done, but I figured out a way that you could do just that Chad. Don’t try to talk, pretty soon your air will be gone and you will just go to sleep. Quiet now, the game is on.” 


 Scriptic Prompt Exchange

For the prompt exchange this week, Bewildered Bug at gave me this prompt: “She goes out of her way to visit twenty different stores just to get the best deals, save money and get the products he truly loves, whether she is well, exhausted or sick and through rain, sleet or shine. When she was bed-ridden, however, he went to only one store and gets what would be “good enough” for three times the price, only to throw the shopping bag on the bed and turn the TV onto the latest football match.”

I gave Tara Roberts at this prompt: A woman runs into an ex who is shopping with his pregnant wife. While they were dating, he told her he didn't want to have children. How do they deal with the face to face that follows?

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  1. A woman scorned is a dangerous thing. Can't say I blame her too much.

    1. She was a little bit deadly. Thanks for taking time to read and respond Tara.

  2. Karma in this life or the next - we all get what we deserve, don't we? It's the chemotherapy that fires the reader up... without that she should have just sent him packing..

    1. :-) Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated.

  3. Amazing. I don't blame her for reacting the way she did. I apologise for the long winded prompt -was feeling a bit scorned myself that day! :S You did an amazing job with it though! Thank you!

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed what became of it. :-)


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