Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinner On The Table (Scriptic)

Dinner On the Table (Scriptic)

The aroma of roast cooking in the oven spread throughout the room.

“Boy something sure smells good in here,” Mark said as he walked through the front door.

“Hi honey, it’s your favorite, roast with those little potatoes you like so much,” Dora said as she met him in the hallway with a kiss.

“What’s the special occasion?” Mark asked.

“Does there have to be a special occasion for me to cook dinner for you?”

Mark tilted his head and grinned at his wife, “No, I guess not.”

“Can I get something for you to drink?” Dora asked.

“Okay, now I am suspicious. The last time you offered me a drink was when our parakeet died,” Mark said as he sat down at the head of the table.

Three white tapers were lit, setting off an easy glow over the table. From the third floor the sea of city lights added ambiance to an already romantic setting. Dora put her hands on her husband’s shoulders and rubbed gently.

“You wonder why I avoid doing nice things for you. Well this is why, you find me suspect to some underlying motive if I do. Just sit back and enjoy your dinner, okay?” Dora said as she took a seat of her own. 

"Where's Rocko?" Mark looked around for their golden retriever, who would normally be chasing his tail while the roast was cooking, waiting for his turn to have a bite.

"He's here somewhere," Dora said. 
It had been three years since they were married. It was quite the adjustment for Dora to be in the United States, things were much different in her home land. She never could get used to having animals as indoor pets, but sometimes issues, like things, don’t stay dead.

Dora smiled as she met her husband’s eyes “so, how’s your roast?”

Scriptic Prompt Exchange
For the prompt exchange this week, Sinistral Scribblings at gave me this prompt: Sometimes, things don't stay dead

I gave SAM at this prompt: There was just enough light in the darkened room for Kendra to notice...(feel free to change the name)


  1. Ooooh, why do I get the feeling that Rocko is sitting on the table as they speak?

    1. ;-) You are so very smart m'Friend, that's why!

  2. Wow. Delightfully naughty. Love it!

    1. I like that "Delightfully naughty" phrase. Thank you Michael.


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