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Miguel (Master Class)

Master Class 2015 - Miguel

 Master Class is a group of bloggers who write as a result of the inspiration from given prompts. The prompts are different each week, but somethings remain the same:
  1. Use the prompt as a title or within the story.
  2. Keep it within 700 words.
  3. Submit it by 6:00 PM EST Sunday
This weeks prompts are:
Slice the pie
Unwelcome reminder
Extraordinary objects of the universe

Here's my development based on the prompt "Unwelcome Reminder": 

It was almost midnight when the phone rang. It’s rarely good news when the phone rings at that time of night, but I held out hope and picked it up.
“Hey, what’s up scooter butt?”
“It’s late Miguel, what do you want?”
“Whoa, why are you such a stick in the mud? I just wanted to talk to my long time buddy. Can’t a guy give you a call just to talk?”
It was an unwelcome reminder that there were still people in my life that were unhealthy, and if I wanted to keep them in my life, I would have to accept that they were and would continue to be unhealthy.
“What do you want Miguel?”
“Really Sandy, I just want to talk to you.”
“Well, start talking then, I’m tired.”
“Never mind, I would hate to interrupt something im-por-tant.”
The phone hung up before I could return it to its cradle. I knew he would call back in a few minutes, when he realized I was not going to, so I took it off the hook. In some cases, anything left unsaid is better than what might be said.
“Goodnight Miguel.”
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Master Class 2015
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  1. This has the potential to be a much bigger and quite enthralling story. You've successfully weaved the intrigue leaving me wondering why Sandy doesn't want to talk to Miguel. The frustration is obvious and I can actually hear the two voices distinctly when I read, which is fantastic! Thank you for joining in the Master Class this week!

    1. Thank you for the input SAM. I enjoy working with dialogue, particularly when it feels right. I wasn't sure if it had enough intrigue to carry it out, but you have made me reconsider the possibilities of this story growing.
      Thank you for having Class again. :-)

  2. Very believable dialogue, I can hear this happening with many relationships, either as friends or loved ones. I agree with SAM too, this could be the start of a much larger story.

    1. Thank you Tara for the feedback. That's two writer's whose opinion I respect. Perhaps I will have to sift through this and get to the meat of the story. :-)


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