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Skin Shifting (Master Class 2015)

Master Class 2015 - Skin Slipping
 Master Class is a group of bloggers who write as a result of the inspiration from given prompts. The prompts are different each week, but some things remain the same:
  1. Use the prompt as a title or within the story.
  2. Keep it within 700 words.
  3. Submit it by 6:00 PM EST Sunday
This week's prompts are:
Slipping into another skin
Advanced settings
Blinding darkness

To get all of the details for Master Class, visit SAM's blog

Here's my development based on the prompt "Slipping into another skin": 

Dim lights painted small fractals on the hardwood floor in shades of blue. As Carla twirled on the ball of her heels, Adam held the small of her back carefully. Adam did not recognize Carla as the same girl they called Clumsy Carla in high school, he did not recognize her at all, but Carla knew who Adam was.
 She only had been dancing for a few months now, and each time she went, Carla Pennington felt a bit more free. The silken dress that hugged every inch of her, rippled softly over her hips, before it smoothed out to accentuate the curve of her ass. She was fully aware of the power she held beneath the shimmering light.
Like Clark Kent before slipping into another skin, Carla was avoidable, but when she put her heels on, untied her hair, and let the swing in her hips go free, she was the center of attention on the dance floor, with super powers of her own. The beat pumped out steady bass, which seemed to meet first at the left, then the right hip. Adam's eyes were glued to her every move. At one point he stood still in the center of the dance floor and just watched her. The exchange unleashed her inner vamp. She turned her back to Adam and pressed her body up close to his as she slid down his to the floor in undulating motions. His heart beat was almost as loud as the bass in the room, she could feel it where their bodies met. When she was sure she had his full attention, she kissed him.

Before Adam could catch his breath, Carla was gone.

The next day at work, Carla overheard Adam talking to another guy in her office about this woman he met the night before.
"I did not even get her name, Nick. She was there in my arms one minute and gone the next."
Carla smiled as she passed in front of them both, hair piled atop her head, dark rimmed glasses in place, with an armful of folders."Scuse me gentlemen" she said as she moved between them.
"I wish I could find her again" Adam said as he took a sip of the coffee in his hands. 

© k~ 2015


  1. I like the secret identity angle. That can be very empowering.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.

  2. I'm with Tara. I really like the secret identity angle, too. I know a couple of ladies like Carla as well. Your descriptions of the dancing and the way the music affected her body are spot on. Do you plan to do more with this story? It's perfect as it is, but there is room for more, of course. I can see Carla being the secret heroine of many stories.

    1. I think Carla will develop, but I am going to give her character time to simmer before I do any more with her. I like that she can be invisible without trying, but I am not sure she is a super hero type. We shall see as time goes by and she sits in the grey matter compost bin for a bit.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond.


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