Wednesday, April 18, 2012


April showers bring new life to the world outside the window, as the curtain closes on one inside.

A steady flow of snowfall started in September and didn't stop until the end of March. Sarah had started to believe that it might never stop.

"Do you see the rain Madge?" Sarah asked the tiny body in the wheelchair beside her.

"I can't see it, but I can hear it" she said.

"Well let me tell you about it Madge. It's washing all of the snow away from the house, I can even see the sprigs of tan that were left over in the wheat field."

"Oh, lovely" she said.

Sarah had been taking care of Madge for over 8 years now. The two of them spent most of their days together since the fall that left Madge in her wheelchair. She was a spry spirit, even if her 98 year old body wouldn't comply with her wishes any more. Sarah took care of the horses for her when she was just a young kid, and they became friends along the way.

Sarah bent over to cover Madge's legs with a small quilt.

"We will have colours in all of our gardens soon."

Madge smiled and touched her face with shaking fingers.

"You be sure to plant a row of pansies for me dear," Madge said as her hands fell to her lap.


Sarah turned the wheelchair toward the window, sat down in the overstuffed chair and cried. This was one spring Madge would miss.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Joelyn challenged me with "April Showers Bring....." and I challenged Diane with "Beneath a red umbrella."


  1. There are undeniably worse ways to go.

    1. I thought it had a peaceful feel to it. :-)

    2. Beautiful.

      I've known the exact feeling, and you described it to a tee (no pun intended)


    3. Thank you t ;-) (pun accepted, and appreciated.)


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