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My friend 't' gave me a great idea for making this story a bit easier to read and keep track of. I'm still not sure that I will be able to do this solely inside Lance's 100 Word Song challenge, but it gives me hope ;-)


Lillie's long, black hair was as shiny as the metal pole beside her bed, and her eyes were as still as the untouched water beside her head, but she could see it all.
"This doesn't make sense" she said.

"How did I get here?" It seemed surreal when just a few moments ago she was in her bright, red Charger on her way to her sister's wedding.
"Where is everyone?"
An airy form of her former self shook her own arm.
"Wake up!" she said as she shook it again. "You have to get up, we have things to do."


Trevor stumbled over the cord next to Lillie's bed landing hard on the cold floor.
"Damn" he muttered, as he pulled himself to his feet again. 

He was supposed to have driven Lillie to the wedding. He couldn't help but wonder if he had…
"Lillie, are you in there?" he asked as he lifted one of her eyelids.

Lillie laughed from across the room. "Fool, you can't see me from in there."
"I am so glad to see you Trev, we have to get to the wedding. I have the cake in the car and we simply can't be late."


Trevor draped his body over Lillie's and whispered "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Lillie. I would give anything to see you open your beautiful, brown eyes and tell me I'm a jerk."

"You're an insufferable jerk," Lillie shouted. 

Trevor didn't move. 

"Do you remember when we snuck into Old Man Peterson's house, and took that trunk?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said.

"There was an 1894 Colt Bisley in it; I think I can get enough if I sell it to pay for your hospital bill. I mean, what's a dead man gonna do with a gun any way?"


Lillie wondered why he was still talking to the body in the bed before her, when she was standing on the other side of the room behind him. 

"Lillie, do you remember when you asked me if I thought Jake liked you? I have a confession to make, he did like you. He liked you a lot. But I couldn't stand the thought of his grimy hands anywhere near you," Trevor said as he brushed an errant strand of dark hair from her face. 

"I think, I mean I…" he stammered.

"You think what Trevor?" Lillie asked with increasing frustration.


Lillie was tired of Trevor talking away from her, she stomped over to him and shook him from behind. "I'm right here dumbass. Quit pretending you don't see me, it's starting to piss me off."

Trevor felt a strong shudder strong enough for him to jump up from the bed and look around the room.
"Is someone here?" he asked. 

Lillie was fuming, her patience had been stretched as far as it could be. She walked over to the bed, and started screaming at the occupant.

As Lillie's eyes met her own, the radio blared out "…talkin' bout a revolution…"


A few sputters on the radio ended the music that had been playing.

Cascading brilliance spilled over the edge of Lillie's shoulders where raven hair once fell. All at once she realized she hadn't been hungry for 4 dark days. A flash of light took her voice and tucked it deep within. In stifling silence, she reached to touch Trevor. A chill ran up his spine. 

The dream had become her, the darkness was taking over. She curled up between the body that betrayed her, and Trevor's warmth, closed her deep eyes and waited.

"Come now into this dark goodnight."


When morning comes, she thought, she would wake and this crazy dream would be over. 

Lillie slept between tears that wouldn't come and Trevor's warm body. He was always there for her, even now when she was trapped between what made sense, and what would never make sense, he was there. 

"Lillie, please wake up. I love you Lillie, do you hear me you stubborn ass woman? I love you Lillie." Trevor said as heavy drops trickled down his face.

She couldn't hear him, not now.

"Then I will come to you."  Trevor said as he stared out the window.


Trevor wrapped Lillie up in the hospital blanket and carried her out of the room, down the long shiny hallway, out the door, and into his truck. He knew they would hear the beeps and buzzers going off any moment, so he tore out of the parking lot like his tires were on fire. 

"Don't worry Lillie, everything will be alright. I'm taking you to that little place where we used to go to get high, you know, the one by the river. Maybe where something is familiar…" his voice trailed off as the edge of the river greeted them.


"Here we are Lillie," Trevor said as he toted her body to the blue grey water's edge. 

The rainbow that poured itself from a night sky into the dark water was beautifully out of place. Trevor settled into the soft bank of the river where he let Lillie's bare feet dangle in the water. 

"Lillie, It's time to wake up now," he said as he brushed her hair to the side, and let his lips press her face. She was warm, and smelled like sun-dried linen and fresh coconut. His lips brushed their way across her cheek, to her lips.


It seemed like the longest night of his life. Trevor held Lillie close as the sun pierced the sky. 

"Cradle your benign legitimacy in swaddling so that your intentions are clear, even to the simple minded souls encountered by you. Perception reaches past the looking glass, into the eye of the heart, where the light is always on."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Trevor asked, before he was jolted into another state of mind. 

"Lillie? Are you awake?" Trevor felt a shiver run through his body from the tip of his toes, to the top of his head.



 Lillie's head pounded like heavy bass when she woke. Trevor held her body close. He didn't move as she tried to sit up.

"What the hell is the matter with you Trevor!"

A riot of emotions shuffled through Trevor so fast he couldn't speak.

"Trevor, talk to me! What are we doing here?" Disjointed thoughts paraded through Lillie's mind, as the pieces of a puzzle combated with serene surroundings.

Before Lillie could say another word, Trevor kissed her, softly at first. Lillie responded as if every chain that had ever been a part of her internal world fell away instantly. 


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